Groom hires fake friends to attend his wedding

A GROOM in China hired hundreds of people to pose as friends at his wedding because he was ashamed his real ones weren’t rich enough, according to reports.

The husband-to-be, only identified as Mr Wang, scouted 200 fake friends on social media and paid them $12 each to watch him tie the knot in Shaanxi province, his “guests” told the local news station Shaanxi TV.

But his bride busted him for the superficial stunt after the ceremony when she asked his “buddies” how they had met her spouse, according to the state-run media agency China News Service.

The groom’s paid pals — some of whom were actually broke students and taxi drivers — responded with suspiciously vague answers, tipping her off, according to the site. His parents were also nowhere to be found at the reception.

The couple had been dating for roughly three years before the wedding but had completely different groups of friends, according to the news agency.

The wife’s family may have been upset by the marriage because the groom was poor, according to the regional state news portal Xibu Online.

Police are probing whether the groom can be charged with a crime for pulling the stunt, Xibu Online reported.


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