99% of the time I get advantages of being loved beyond measure: Shah Rukh Khan

SRK truly believes in ‘let bygones be bygones’.

In an interview with Times of India, the Jab Harry Met Sejal actor opened up about doing love stories since the past decade and his relationship with his children.

“No, I don’t look back at all yaar. I really have no living in the past. Not even for a moment,” he said of his success over the years. “Galat ho gaya, ho gaya. Achha ho gaya, ho gaya. Because my life is in such speed, moving with such rapidness, that I really don’t have a viewpoint left for what is past. See, if I understood my stardom, I would try to keep it and retain it for the rest of my life and pass it on to my children. But I don’t know how to retain it because I don’t know how it happened. Then why oversimplify it? Ki yaar gaano se hota hai. Toh aap bhi kar lo!

“I remember a director once saying something like – ‘Yaar, Karan Johar badi easy picturein banata hai‘. So I’m like – toh aap bana lo. I teach my children that don’t ever say ‘I can do this’ unless you have done it. Do it. Fail at it, succeed at it then talk about it. Don’t just say that – ‘This I can do yaar‘.”

He added, “I am an actor! People blame me for doing the same films for 25 years. So, if I still can do that with such gusto… (laughs)”

SRK has also come to realise that regardless of what he does, there will be people who will not be happy with him. In the past he has received criticismfor casting Mahira Khan in Raees and for saying that there is “extreme intolerance” in India, but he doesn’t let that affect him.

“Lots of people will say things. The only change that has come to me over the years is that there is an acceptance that if you are a public figure like this, 99% of the time I get advantages of being loved beyond measure,” he said.

“Genuinely, I am in a fast train, and I can’t stop at every station and explain things. You have to understand that any achievement of any level has a certain amount of things attached to it which perhaps people who have not been there will oversimplify, or accept it, or try to explain it badly.

SRK’s stardom extends beyond his home country, regardless of genre, and that’s one thing he’s proud of: “My films, in spite of the genre, do big business whichever genre it is. So, for me, it’s a huge market, whatever the genre of the film. So, Raees also did well and so, Insha Allah, Harry… will, too.

And while Shah Rukh is a huge celeb, he believes he still needs to spend time with his family, especially his daughter Suhana.

“I need to take out more time and spend more time with my daughter, because you know I am a little shy in this space. So when she is with her girlfriends, I am like ‘Yaar, main barge in toh nahin kar raha,’ Bacchiyan hain meri, sab mere saath hi badi hui hain IPL matches dekh-dekh ke. But I still feel awkward. I think I need to open up a little and spend more time to pass on whatever little I know. I don’t know if I can do as much as my father did.”

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