Tempting Delights

Our one of the most popular products is seasoned dates. It is a delectable yet healthy treat. Our seasoned dates are a perfect after-meal treats which help with digestion and flatulence.

Tayyebi’s seasoned dates are prepared with lemon juice and masalas like darchini, elaichi khurd, mirch siyah, chuwarey etc.

All these ingredients are proven to be an excellent remedy for digestive problems. These 100% natural sweet and sour dates are made of centuries old recipes which are effective and tasty too!

We recommend that you eat 2 after every meal to improve your digestion over time. Tayyebi is well known for its herbal medicines and remedies for ailments. The best part is that they are completely natural, so no side effects! For more details visit our website http://tayyebi.com.pk/kharak-seasoned-dates

Courtesy by: http://tayyebipakistan.blogspot.com/


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