Papaya: Best for your skin and hairs

The benefits of using papaya for the skin and hairs are as follows:

Wound healing: Most of the studies rotate around wound healing benefits of papaya. The flesh of papaya fruit can be applied on fresh cuts, wounds and even burns. The papain enzyme not only helps in healing of the wound but also keeps the bacteria away and prevents the scar from getting bigger.

Skin repair: Anti-oxidants like Flavanoids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C etc. help in the repair of skin damaged by exposure to sun, smoke, pollution, chemicals etc.

Exfoliation: Papain enzyme accelerates shedding of dead skin cells and hence improves the dull patchy look of skin.

Moisturisation: The pulp of ripe papaya fruit has water, carbohydrates and fats thus providing hydration and nutrition to the skin.

Anti-ageing: Papain enzyme might help by modulating the collagen and elastic fibres in the dermis and hence reduces wrinkles; though we could not find a study to support this claim. However, benefits like anti-oxidant, exfoliation and hydration might contribute to its anti-ageing action. Please do try this rejuvenating face pack recipe customised for dry skin,combination skin and oily skin.

Skin lightening: Besides exfoliation of pigmented cells by papain enzymes, antioxidants in papaya help in de-tanning and lightening of dark patches.

Hair conditioner: The pulp of papaya mashed thoroughly can be applied as a hair conditioner.

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