Pakistani comedian makes the mockery of famed WWE wrestler in Indian show

Pakistani stage artistes, most of them introduced to the TV screen by famed comedian Umer Sharif, are a regular feature in Indian comedy shows and leave no stone unturned in proving their mettle.

In a recent comedy show aired on Indian channel Colours HD, Shakeel Siddiqui, who has appeared in numerous Pakistani comedy stage shows, cracked several jokes on the prominent WWE wrestler Khali, sending audience rolling on the floor laughing.

Bollywood’s well-known choreographer Farah Khan was the special guest on the show and she was too amazed the way Khali was mocked by Siddiqui — though all in a light humour.

The comedian began his stage stunt with a respectful inquiry about health of Khali and he too responded in Hindi. The rest of the show then proved too challenging for the wrestler as he was continuously fired with humiliating banters.

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