Making Simple Bead Bracelets

My daughter Kelly named these the Tea Break Bracelets a few years ago when she and a friend where looking to make something special for graduation gifts.

Like most students they had very little time and money but still wanted to give something memorable, so after evaluating their finances and a 10 minute brainstorm they came up with the tea break bracelet, which they named after making 33 of these simple bead bracelets within a 30 minute morning break.

Here’s How They Made The Bracelets


  • Jewelry thread
  • Large holed jewelry beads


  1. Take a piece of cotton or leather thong of any thickness that can be for simple bead bracelets
  2. Double it up and thread with any large holed beads.making a simple bead bracelet
  3. Finish with a slip knot (Note not sure how to tie a slip knot? See notes here on tying slip knots)

Of course these popular beaded bracelets aren’t just for giving on graduation; they are for anyone looking for a low cost homemade gift to give to a friend or relative at any time.


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