Homemade Hair Masks for Dry or Damaged Hair

Wintertime can be hard on hair.

Humidity is low, which might seem nice when your hair isn’t frizzy, but in reality when there’s little moisture in the air, your hair can get really dry.

While I often let my hair air-dry in the summer, I’m pretty likely to blow-dry it in the winter. I don’t always do it, but the warm air just feels so good! And it makes me cold to let my hair stay wet for a few hours, which it inevitably does after a shower. So, yes, I succumb to the hairdryer and even the straightener, and my hair is starting to show it.

With the dry air, the heat treatments, and the increased use of hats and scarves, your hair is probably starting to get some damage, too. Is it breaking easily? Do you have more split ends than usual? Has it grown dull and lost its shine?

How to Have Healthy Hair in the Winter

The good news is that there are several ways to combat the dry air of winter. Here are a few tips:

  • Stop washing your hair every day. I feel like I preach this all the time, but if you are at all able to skip a day or two between hair-washings, you should. Every time you wash your hair, you’re stripping it of its natural, beneficial oils. In winter especially, your hair really needs those!
  • Skip the hairdryer. I know I just fessed up to using one, but I do limit my usage. If you have to dry your hair, try not to do it every time you shower. If you can limit hair-drying to once or twice a week, you’ll be saving your hair a lot of damage.
  • Run a humidifier. You should really be doing this anyway – it’s good for your skin and your airways, too – but it will definitely help your hair.
  • Use a moisturizing hair mask treatment. (I bet you saw that one coming!)

Homemade Hair Masks for Dry Hair

It’s not hard to make a mask for your hair. In fact, it will involve a lot of the same ingredients you would use for a mask for your skin. The application process is different, obviously, but making and using the homemade hair mask will be just as simple!

This is the most simple hair mask you can make for yourself. It only has one ingredient – coconut oil! I actually learned about this treatment from a girl who cut my hair. She had dyed her hair one too many times and was looking for a way to get some moisture back.

All you need for this is about a quarter of a cup of warmed coconut oil. (It needs to be in its liquid state.) Simply apply it to your hair (wet or dry, it doesn’t really matter) and leave it in for at least an hour. You’ll want to be in the bathtub for this, or well-covered with a towel. If you’re going to continue going about your chores or even keep this treatment on overnight, make sure you take the necessary precautions, like a shower cap. Coconut oil will stain clothing and linens.

When you’re finished with your treatment, wash the coconut oil out of your hair and carry on as normal. Warning: coconut oil makes showers slippery, so be prepared to clean it up immediately.

Avocado & Egg Yolk

The first time I realized that eggs were good for your hair, I was a kid in Vacation Bible School. I missed my catch in an egg-toss and ended up with a cracked egg on my head. (I’d like to say I’ve gotten more graceful since then, but that wouldn’t be true.) After the counselors rinsed my hair and it dried to its normal state, I couldn’t help but notice how different my hair felt where the egg had cracked.

Turns out egg really is a great thing to put in your hair. For a moisturizing, restorative, make-it-shine hair mask, mix it with some avocado!

  • ½ an avocado
  • 2 egg yolks

Mix ingredients well. Apply to wet or dry hair and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing and washing hair.

Yogurt, Honey & Olive Oil

Honey might not sound like something you want to put on your hair, and I understand. It’s like the stickiest substance found in nature. But when you mix it with a little yogurt and olive oil, it’s an important component to helping get your hair back in shape.

Mix the ingredients well. Apply to damp hair, and allow to sit for 15-2o minutes. Rinse and wash your hair, and allow to dry as normal.

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COURTESY BY: https://diynatural.com/

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