Hamza Ali Abbasi and Muniba Mazari’s jamming session is a pleasant surprise

Turns out we don’t know everything about Hamza Ali Abbasi or Muniba Mazari!

The two had a short jamming session last night in which they sang the famous song ‘The Sound Of Silence’ by Simon And Garfunkel and boy, are they good! Muniba shared their video on Facebook and needless to say, fans showered the duo with praise.

“It was a really random thing,” Hamza tells Images of the video. “We’re friends so I went to see her and saw a guitar lying around. I started playing and she asked if I knew the chords to this particular song and I said yes so we just made a video out of it.”

This acoustic version by Hamza and Muniba definitely deserves more than 40 seconds.

Courtesy by: https://images.dawn.com/

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