Creative Learning at Mentors Linguist

Marketing is full of phrases like ‘a complete package’, ‘customized services’, ‘timely performance’, and ‘superior quality standards’. However, not all promises are delivered-but we do !Mentors Linguist offers Arabic language courses using the most advanced methods that meet international standards. At Mentors Linguist we stand by our word and the progress is measurable.

The benefit of learning any new language is gaining the ability to speak and write , with confidence,to then native practitioners of the language .Mentors Linguist trains its clients bearing in mind that many of them intend to travel to the Middle East as permanent residents or to perform business transactions and jobs in Arab speaking countries. At Mentors Linguist we don’t in half measures. When we teach a student we ensure he is fluent in all aspects of a language learned.Our training uses innovative approaches like the immersion method that move away from the traditional techniques of rote learning.

The approach at Mentors Linguist improves a student’s comprehension through teaching techniques that not only make learning interesting but develop better retention and recollection.
Customized courses have been designed to cater to the entire family.The whole family can learn the language together- and have a bit of fun too!Don’t forget, we offer on-site corporate trainingas well.

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