Anushka Sharma’s character in Jab Harry Met Sejal is “very superficial and mindless”

Anushka Sharma is known for taking up challenging roles and her character in Jab Harry Met Sejal was no different.

In an interview with DNA India, the Bollywood actor revealed that she barely related to her character.

“I think there’s not much about Sejal that I relate to. That’s why for me it was exciting to do a role like Sejal, to play somebody who doesn’t come naturally to me as a person,” she said.

When she was asked to compare her current character Sejal to Alizeh in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Anushka said she felt more of a connect with the latter.

“I think with Alizeh, there still some depth in her as a person, Sejal has zero, in fact no depth actually. But there’s an emotional back to her. I couldn’t relate with one aspect of Alizeh which is, she allowed people to treat her the way they did. So that’s what I couldn’t relate to in Alizeh’s character, but otherwise, there’s some depth in her. Sejal is like very superficial and mindless as a person.”

In fact, the actor breezed through her role. “There was no emotionally draining scene for me because there’s hardly any depth in Sejal. (There are some intense emotions in the film) but there’s nothing that would deplete me emotionally,” she added.

Jab Harry Met Sejal features Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma and will hit theatres Aug 4.

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