Akshay Kumar’s son gets first degree black belt

MUMBAI – Akshay Kumar is the superstar of the Indian film industry since forever. His son Arav Kumar has got his first ever degree of black belt in Kudo, GojuRyu Karate Do and Okinawa.

Akshaymentioned that this is the best gift ever that he has received. He posted his son’s photo on his Instagram and twitter account.“My son started training when he was just four years old. And today, after nine years of hard work, he got his first degree black belt in Kudo, Okinawa and Goju Ryu Karate Do,” the 48-year-old actor wrote.

“Some joys cannot be expressed in words, this one tops the list. But I’m feeling so proud, had to share it with you all…Overwhelmed, can’t stop smiling, proud father.”Akshay himself started training in karate when he was in Class VIII.

Staying fit with the help of his special diet he has always been in shape because of kickboxing, basketball, swimming and Parkour For Twinkle, Aarav’s mother, it was the best Mother’s Day gift.

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