7th Children’s Film Festival earns overwhelming response

The Little Art had organised shows for children at two venues; Cinepax Cinemas and the Alhamra Arts Council. The festival was supported by the Centre of Culture and Development in Denmark to nurture the culture of arts in Pakistan with a focus on education and development.

Students from TNS Beaconhouse, Esena Foundation, APS Azam Garrison, The Educators Defence, Beaconhouse Johar Town, KIPS School Mughal Pura, BSS Senior Girls Campus, Bloomfield Hall School, Lahore School of Learning and LGS G1 Junior girls branch, were seen attending the morning shows.

“We really loved the film ‘Best Friends Forever’ at the festival today. It was about the friendship between a mother and a daughter and it was so relevant to the things that young people like us go through with our parents,” Neha Rafique, a student from Azam Garrison, said while talking exclusively to Daily Times.

On the occasion, the festival director Shoaib Iqbal said, “This year we have received a very warm response. Not only students from private schools but also from government and low-income schools across Lahore have attended the event.”

He added that through active feedback, they got to know how much the children were inspired by the stories told in the films. The help coming from teachers to mobilise and manage thousands of children for the festival also was truly commendable. Iqbal was of the view that such films were instrumental in nurturing children to grow as leaders, peace lovers and educated human beings.

A total of 77 films for children from 26 countries are being showcased.

The festival will continue running its shows at Cinepax until November 21 and from November 23-25 at the Alhamra Arts Council, Mall Road with special dialogue sessions between Asghar Nadeem Syed, Usman Peerzada and Saleha Aref of ‘Dukhtar’ fame.

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